Toys and litter boxes

Some of the best ways to keep your cat happy are easy to set up and very simple to set up or purchase. Among these are toys and litter boxes. Toys keep your kitty cat interested, excited, and yes, happier. Cats are very clean animals unless they are sick. Litter boxes keep the house cleaner, but they also keep the cat happier because they have a safe, quiet, clean place to do their business. Sort of like when you are traveling and need a restroom. When your find a clean one, without many people, and you don’t have to worry about someone walking in on you, it’s better. Same for kitty. Good toys and litter boxes, plus good food and plenty of water are key factors in quality of life.


Nothing improves the quality of your cat’s life like toys, unless it is another cat. Because of a cat’s natural hunting and survival traits they are natural athletes. Although most cats think a walk to the kitchen is enough exercise for the day, it is best for them to play, pretend, and race around sometimes.

Toys are a good way to entertain your cat(s). They can be a bit pricey especially if your cats treat them badly like mine do and then you end up going through a lot of them. One way to get around the high prices, is to make your own. Caps, spools, cardboard paper towel cores, boxes (make sure they can get in and out), and their all time favorite; you. Also, very important, make sure that it is not a thing they can eat or choke on.

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Litter Boxes

One of the worst problems with cat roommates is the litter box. It is a stinky thing that everyone detests. I have found that the clumping/scooping litter makes it easier for me (the cats don’t really care) but the real problem is with the box. I have tried a number of them over the years.

Of the regular old fashioned litter boxes, I like the covered ones the best. Keeps a wee bit of the stench contained and it keeps most dogs out, which is always a good thing. A large box works better if you have cats who are larger than average and I like them to be able to turn around in there.

I also like to have the box up on a small table with something solid to help them jump up to it. This is because of my back. It takes a bit more floor space, but it is worth it in my opinion.

A few years ago I tried a new box that you manually rolled over to collect cat clumps in a built-in drawer. Then the drawer slid out and the stuff could be dumped in the trash. It worked very well except that it wreaked havoc with my back. If I could have put it up on a table and secured it some way, it might have been okay. But I did not think of that at the time. Hence, I am back to the covered large size on a the table in the utility room.

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