Protect Your Cat’s Health

A few of your cat’s health problems are discussed here. Always consult your veterinary and talk not only about the problem, but long term solutions. Sometimes it is good to take a sample in to help the vet get the right diagnosis. Your cat’s health is essential to a quality life for both of you and besides yearly check ups, there some other things you can do.


Cat hairballs are an icky problem for a cat, as well as you. The larger and furrier the cat, the bigger problem it is. It usually affects long haired cats the most, although none are exempt. You can develop a process for giving medicine to your cat for hairballs and both of you will be a lot happier. Sometimes, if a cat isn’t immediately receptive to the gel, a person can be inclined to chase the cat around and finally end up putting it on their fur for them to lick off. This really isn’t a good idea. There can be negative ramifications to your relationship with your cat. Some thoughts on how to make it easier for the cat and yourself.

  • Try several types over the course of a month or two, and see if you can find one your cat likes.
  • When you give it to them, be patient and move slowly. If your cat thinks you are going to force that gel into or onto them, they are going to run off or scratch and bite.
  • Let them sniff it on your finger and talk lovingly to them. Then pet them and tell them how good they are. Positive reinforcement not only helps the current situation, but also makes it more enjoyable for the kitty and next time they might be more relaxed and receptive. 
  • I also squeeze it out from the tube onto my finger, then put the tube away. Then feed it to the kitty. Sometimes they freak out just seeing the tube.
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There is also some preventative treats you could try. they have worked well for my cats. Again talk to your vet to see if it is a good alternative for your cat. Greenies have worked well for my kitty.

Upper respiratory problems

One of the health issues both dogs and cats often face is chronic bronchitis. In my experience with kitties, after the initial infection, emotional stress brings on flare ups. It appears like a cold with sneezing, coughing, runny nose, and eyes.

Flare ups can last anywhere from a couple of days to a couple of weeks. To help the cat recover quicker, try to reduce their stress, make sure they have plenty of quality sleep time, and make sure their food and water bowls are full and accessible. A tiny pinch of L-Lysine in their cat food once a day has helped my kitties, but always check with your vet first.

This is an infectious situation and if you have several cats, it is best to keep them separated until the infection has healed.‚Äč

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Urinary tract infection

Some cats have trouble with urinary tract infections. These are painful – see your vet right away. There are some cat foods that help prevent infections. I have been lucky with my current kitty and she hasn’t had any (knock on wood). So I haven’t had experience with this type of cat food, keeping the cat hydrated by using wet cat food is supposed to help.

I use the Sentry Petromalt, shown below. I went through several brands before I found one that my cats would tolerate.