Shepherd dogs

There are many kinds of shepherd dogs. All delightful in their own way to someone. I had a German shepherd at one time. He was the most loyal and protective dog I have ever known. He was a pet, but in his mind he was a guard dog and on duty all the time. My Dad and his neighbor put up a fence for me, the shepherd was fine until the last section of fence was finished. It formed a complete circle and immediately the dog went after the neighbor. The minute the yard had a defined perimeter, the shepherd protected it. Shepherd dogs are usually very protection oriented.

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I came to realize that my dog hated men. At first I thought it was an anomaly but after talking to several other shepherd owners, it seemed to be a common trait. When I traveled he stayed at a boarding kennel. I warned them about his gender preference. But apparently, they didn’t remember it. When I picked him up, I asked how he got along. The woman behind the counter said, “you’re right. He doesn’t like men.” I didn’t ask them what happened and they didn’t offer to tell me, but I guess he made it abundantly clear to them.