Dachshund, wiener dog, dachsie dog

The dachshund is a little dog with the mindset of a German shepherd. There is no battle he thinks he can’t win. We have a dappled dachsie in the family. He once took on a pit bull and lived through it. (His dad rescued him.) They are playful, smart, and energetic. This same little wiener dog is fifteen years old. When he came into the house the other day, he trooped in the door, looked at his room mate, and slapped his front paws down on the floor. Let’s play, is what he was saying.

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Originally, wiener dogs were bred to hunt badgers. While a dachshund is probably good at getting badgers, these days it is very good at hunting mice, snakes, and (unfortunately) bunnies. Once, we were out in our little courtyard with the family dachshund and he pounced into some of the ground cover. Then he shook his head, just one shake. We rushed to see if something was wrong. He had killed a mouse. Most dogs have amazing hearing, and he must have heard it rustle in the ground cover and his instinct was to kill it.