Corgi – The Pembroke Welsh Red and White Kind

Corgi, a very cute breed of dog, is also alert, smart, and usually friendly. Queen Elizabeth has several gorgeous red and white Pembroke Welsh corgis. The word “corgi” is welsh for dwarf dog and they are. Dwarf, I mean. As I am sitting here looking at my little guy, he looks like a sleeping puppy. His little short legs are tucked up against him, and his nose is up against the soft side of his bed.

He is a little small, both of his parents are. This breed of dogs usually runs 35 – 45 pounds. As my vet says, “they tend to be round”, but my Corgi is more like an oval. He is also short haired which shows off his muscles.

He gets those muscles from running around with a miniature Aussie. The two of them tear around, argue over sticks, and plague the squirrels. What is the best exercise for a dog? Another dog.