The Minuet cat is small, fluffy, friendly, and very cute

The Minuet cat is a cross between a Persian and a Munchkin cat. It is sometimes referred to as the Napoleon cat, because of its little short legs. The Minuet cat is cute and fluffy, very friendly and playful. They have a round face with a straight nose like a Munchkin cat instead of a Persian. I haven’t ever seen one in person, but the first one I read about was a little guy with a huge fluffy tail up over his back like squirrel. The second one I read about was a cute gray tabby with the same characteristics. I doubt if the tail is always like. Maybe just when they want some food.

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I don’t find this breed in the Cat Fancier‘s list of recognized breeds, but I’m thinking it will soon be there. The breed was developed in 1996 and is listed in Tica’s breeds since 2016.