The Birman cat, Sacred Cat of Burma

The Birman cat, sometimes referred to as the “Sacred Cat of Burma”, is a domestic cat breed. This type of cat has rich silky hair and don’t require much grooming. As a result, these kitties are easy to care for. They have a round face with blue eyes and stocky body. They’re born a white color, then they grow into their colors, and at about two years of age they are full color. The fur color is on the nose, ears, legs, and tail with white “socks” on each paw. The chocolate point Birman cats can sometimes be mistaken for a ragdoll cat. This breed is usually very gentle and gets along well with kids and other animals. This soft spoken feline will help you with your chores, clean the dog’s face, and hop up on your lap in the evening. It is a joy to have them around.

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