Ragdoll cats are beautiful cats

The beautiful ragdoll cats are fairly new to the cat world. Ragdolls were first bred in the 1960’s. Since then a lot of fur color patterns have been added to the breed. Many people think these beautiful cats are¬†related to a Himalayan, but really they are a combination of Persian, Birman, and Burmese. A Ragdoll cat is usually large and can be kind of floppy. If they don’t feel cuddly, however, it can be like trying to hold a squirrel. I have had three Ragdolls. They are interesting even when they are sleeping and amazing when they are awake.¬†

Interested in everything, the minute you move anything around, they are there to “help”. Of course they like to contribute. Anything thrown in the trash must be taken out and inspected. Anything put on a shelf, needs to be moved a bit or pushed off. And of course, they have to chase, jump, and explore everything. They find change quite exciting and exhausting: there is a big bath and a big nap after all the excitement. Usually they sprawl out on my bed for both.

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