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Canine bipolar disorder

Dogs are amazing animals. They can be running around snooping, sniffing, and chasing. Then five minutes later, they are sound asleep on your lap, or as much of them as they can get into your lap. Sometimes a younger dog can be super crazy happy one day and the next day be uninterested in life, almost groggy, but then the following day be crazy happy again. Usually a dog like this will overreact to conditions around them which is dangerous or unpleasant for their family.

These can be signs of bipolar disorder and it is best to talk it over with your vet. Progressive veterinarians have come to learn that some dogs suffer from bipolar disorder. Fluoxetine can help this type of dog lead a more balanced and happy life. This is a definite improvement for the people living with the dog.

It would be interesting to see if a “bad” dog abandoned to a shelter could have a much better life with a little Fluoxetine wrapped in some peanut butter every morning.