Catch Spay Release Program for Feral Cats

A Catch, Spay, and Release Program for feral cats: this is a humane way to reduce a feral cat population. However, I wish they would give them some pain killers for a brief time afterwards and maybe some do. But, all in all, this is a better way to keep it under control. Take a look at the details here Feral cats come from the kittens of abandoned domestic pets. A Catch, Spay, and Release Program for feral cats keep kitties from having more kittens and those kitties having more kittens and so on. If you have ever abandoned a pet, raise your right hand and swear you won’t ever do it again. Cats living on farms and ranches to catch rodents aren’t feral, although some of them steer clear of humans, except to get some milk or a safe bed.  See our t-shirt page for cat tshirts.

Cat patting the blanket

Almost every night (usually when I am sound asleep), I wake up to a cat patting the blanket by my arm. She’s a big cat and she sits right next to me gently patting the blanket. I lift the blanket and she snuggles in with me. She doesn’t stay long and then I go back to sleep. I think she gets cold and wants to warm up fast, although she is a long haired kitty and one wouldn’t think she could get all that cold. She sounds like a little lawn mower with her purr. When she wants out from under the blanket, she crawls out under the edge and goes to her towel on the corner of the bed. Then a big bath starts. The next night the same thing happens there’s a cat patting the blanket.

Where’s the cat?

“Where’s the cat?” When I was growing up, my mother would sometimes inventory her kids. It was usually in the evening and I think she was checking that her kids were all safe and sound. So you would hear something like this “Where is so-and-so?”. So-and-so would be sitting across the room in a rocking chair watching tv. “Oh there she is”. Now I find myself doing that with my animals – all two of them. “Shoot, where is the dog?” Oh, there he is on his bed. “Where’s the cat?” Just part of being a parent, I guess. Check out our Specials and our regular priced items.

Cats and dogs

Cats and dogs can get along. I am sure of it. However, it hasn’t worked out yet. I have both a cat and a dog. The cat came first, and then the dog as a puppy. I figured since he was a puppy, I could train him to get along with the cat. I couldn’t have been more wrong. Simba, the kitty, was queen of the house and she considered the puppy to be an intruder. Whenever she encountered the puppy, she reminded him of that. Loudly and sometimes with claws. He, on the other hand, thought it was okay to chase the cat and growled whenever she got close to his bowls (even when there was nothing in them). So, to this day I still have to watch the dog when he is around the cat. When the cat comes speeding past the dog, tail up, all fluffed out, the dog still lunges towards her. Sometimes, I think it might be a game they both play. My cats and dogs haven’t learned to get along yet. Check out our Specials and our regular priced items.

Cat Stuff Shop website for kitty cats and the people they own.

I love both cats and dogs but this website, Cat Stuff Shop, is mainly for the kitties. I create graphic images which some of the PODs put them on their products. Those are here, plus other people’s terrific stuff, plus information, articles, and some tips for increasing your kitty’s quality of life (and yours).


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Cat hairballs

Cat hairballs are an icky problem for a cat and you. It usually affects long haired cats the most, although none are exempt. You can develop a process for giving medicine to your cat and then cat hairballs or not, both be a lot happier. Some thoughts on how to make it easier for your cat and yourself. See our Your Cat’s Health page.

All images are copyrighted, do not copy.

Amazon Prime

I can honestly say I have saved hundreds if not thousands using my Amazon Prime membership. I order a lot online and save on shipping, I watch a few movies and a lot of the old tv series, and if I ever get to Whole Foods (Amazon bought them a while back), I will enjoy using my card there. (They’re sooo far away. All the way across town). Oh, by the way I am an affiliate for Amazon. It doesn’t cost you any more to buy from Cat Stuff Shop, but, if you click on a link and then buy something it helps me pay for kitty treats.  See our Specials and our regular priced items.